Summer retreat at Ronora was fun and magical, from the lake, to nature walks, to cool art workshops, to the campfire, and singing. The weather was perfect and the food was awesome. What a wonderful time we had sharing our adventure!

Nothing was rocky--It was all smooth sailing, singing, and socializing until…We noticed that a critter must have broken in to our chocolate supply. Then later that evening, when we had broken out the ukuleles, we heard a rustling up in the rafters. Suddenly our visitor popped out along a ceiling beam in the common room to observe the show, and we did not disappoint! Lisa and Gretchen started to serenade the creature, “you are so cute, but you don’t belong here…” As it gazed at us, and we lined up and gazed back, talking excitedly and taking pictures, it seemed to feel right at home. Even more wondrous than our new mascot, was the enchanted chatter and cries of all of us women. We ended up naming it Rocky after the famous Rocky the Flying Squirrel and welcomed it into the lodge. Rocky ran along the center beam and disappeared into a crevice in the wall.

I know all of us who were there will treasure our time on retreat, and share as well the common memories of Rocky, the Baby Hawk song modeled after Baby Shark, and burning regrets, anger, and disappointment in the colorful flames of the fire. I personally feel great gratitude and am rejuvenated with songs and stories, and the memories of my time in the company of women, which always lifts my spirits. See you at DeKoven! Kathy Salzano

2019Summer UUWC

UUWC Spring 2019 groupThe 2019 Spring Retreat was held on May 31, June 1, and June 2 at Pilgrim Park. It was an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Many of the women who attended are included in the group picture that was taken on Saturday afternoon.

Pat Hyams led us in ritual as we welcomed the directions and celebrated our element, water. Geri Schrab provided an informative keynote about rock art and her artistic journey as well as an opportunity for everyone to create a water color turtle of their own. Many women contributed their musical talents to the weekend, among them Kathy Salzano who taught a drumming workshop and Gretchen Ohmann who led us in chants and songs. Gretchen also facilitated a workshop on alternative methods of leading meetings and making decisions. We shared nourishing meals, played games together, and had time to shop from our vendors.

The grounds at Pilgrim Park are always inviting and provide many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Some people took advantage of the labrynth, others enjoyed the sun from one of the outside porches or took a walk. I encountered a living turtle on my walk. It was kind enough to pose for some pictures.We welcomed some new young women at this retreat and had an opportunity to enjoy the company of some of the older members of our community. They shared their stories and reflected on their roles in creating the UU Women's Connection and other women's groups and organizations associated with the UUA. It takes many people to put on a successful retreat like this one. If you are interested in helping with a future retreat, contact one of the Councilwomen. Planning is completed for the Summer Retreat at Ronora but Fall is just around the corner. ~ Jenny Ross

In October 2018, some lucky women made a joyful trek to the Dekoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin for a weekend of reflection, singing, writing and growth. Mary Grace ("M.G.") Bertulfo was our dynamic keynote speaker, workshops were offered, massages signed up for, vendor wares purchased, raffle prizes claimed, old freiends reunited, new friends made, and a rousing good time was had by all. The element we honored was "fire;" the fire of passion, the fire that cleanses, the fire that destroys, the fire in each of us.

dekoven2017October 13–15, 2017, the Women’s Connection Fall Retreat at the DeKoven Center in Racine, took place. It was a rainy weekend, but the sun was shining in our hearts. Our keynote speaker was Shelley Graff, the Goddess’ own Songstress. Women gathered from Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri. The theme for the conference was “Within,” accessing the wise counsel that we all share but can often be drowned out by the demands of daily life and our own expectations. Having a break to honor “Within” was precious.