Every Spring, as I arrive at Pilgrim Park, peace settles over me. It seems to have the same effect on all of us, we just settle in. Pilgrim Park is set in farm country, with old stately trees, calm water, walking trails, a porch for just sitting, reading, or chatting. Every year I feel lucky to get away for this quiet weekend with no responsibilities: a time to relax.

For me, Pilgrim Park is a also a joyous place: old friends, lots of hugs, catching up , and new attendees, greeted and introduced.

I was up early Saturday, a beautiful day, and was out for a walk. By the lake I saw a woman I didn't know, moving slowly and peacefully in Tai Chi. (It was Kathy Salzano!) I stepped behind her and started following her slow flowing moves. I didn't know Tai Chi, and she didn't know me, but that didn't matter. She glanced at me, and continued. For fifteen minutes or so, in the quiet morning, with birds chirping, and frogs croaking, I was one with nature, moving slowly and gracefully. Later, when I told her how much I enjoyed it, I asked her if maybe she would do a Tai Chi morning workshop next year.

I could share the rest of my day... but you can read the rest in the Summer-Fall issue of Voices of Women!