Summer retreat at Ronora was fun and magical, from the lake, to nature walks, to cool art workshops, to the campfire, and singing. The weather was perfect and the food was awesome. What a wonderful time we had sharing our adventure!

Nothing was rocky--It was all smooth sailing, singing, and socializing until…We noticed that a critter must have broken in to our chocolate supply. Then later that evening, when we had broken out the ukuleles, we heard a rustling up in the rafters. Suddenly our visitor popped out along a ceiling beam in the common room to observe the show, and we did not disappoint! Lisa and Gretchen started to serenade the creature, “you are so cute, but you don’t belong here…” As it gazed at us, and we lined up and gazed back, talking excitedly and taking pictures, it seemed to feel right at home. Even more wondrous than our new mascot, was the enchanted chatter and cries of all of us women. We ended up naming it Rocky after the famous Rocky the Flying Squirrel and welcomed it into the lodge. Rocky ran along the center beam and disappeared into a crevice in the wall.

I know all of us who were there will treasure our time on retreat, and share as well the common memories of Rocky, the Baby Hawk song modeled after Baby Shark, and burning regrets, anger, and disappointment in the colorful flames of the fire. I personally feel great gratitude and am rejuvenated with songs and stories, and the memories of my time in the company of women, which always lifts my spirits. See you at DeKoven! Kathy Salzano

2019Summer UUWC