Connecting with the Wisdom of the Ancients

October 19-21

DeKoven Retreat Center -- 600 - 21st Street, Racine, WI 53403

This year we met at a great new Retreat location - the DeKoven Center in Racine Wisconsin. The Center is within walking distance of Lake Michigan. The lodging and dining hall were in Taylor Hall. Most of the workshops were in Taylor Hall, too. Our opening and closing ceremonies, keynote, several workshops, and our vendor area were in the Assembly Hall in East Building - a short, well-lit walk across the quad from Taylor Hall.

The Keynote speaker was Geri Schrab who spoke on "Accessing Ancient Wisdom through Rock Art." Her ideas stem from the knowledge that a woman's body is a macrocosm of Mother Earth's body and that respect for the Earth and respect for woman goes hand in hand.

Geri Schrab is a artist who has traveled throughout North America to explore ancient sacred sites. She states "The focus of my art-work is the study of petroglyphs and pictographs which are images pecked, carved and painted on rock surfaces by the ancient indigenous people of North America. I have found although the style and execution of the original rock art images may vary from area to area, there is an underlying unity. This ancient unity echoes our common heart and essential connection to Mother Earth."

In the year 2012, we thought about renewal and honoring our past and what it can teach us.

In the fall of the year we join together and connect to gather inner warmth for the winter to come. Want to CONNECT with other like minded women? See old friends and make new ones. Join us