Story is Medicine

M G BertulfoListening for stories, voices of nature, and 16th century women shamans from the Philippines. Author Mary Grace (“M.G.”) Bertulfo shared her writing practice and asks, “What stories serve to heal the world? How can stories focus your fire within?”

Mary Grace Bertulfo has written for children’s education, television, and conservation magazines in venues such as Pearson Education Asia, CBS, and Sierra. Her fiction and essays are published in various anthologies and her poem “Bridges” launched Story Studio’s Voices Amplified series. Mary Grace works from Calypso Moon Studio in the Oak Park Arts District and teaches creative writing to children through her program, Taleblazers. She is currently at work on a novel.

A sampling of her works:

Seeking Refuge by Mary Grace Bertulfo

Love at the 7-11 By Mary Grace Bertulfo

Globe-trekking. Internationally, she and her family have hiked, snorkled, and sailed in the Philippines, Greece, Japan, Mexico, England, and the Galapagos Islands. Locally, Ms. M.G. was founder and organizer of “Talk Story,” an Oak Park children’s reading series produced by Families and Friends of Asian American Students (FAASt) and sponsored by the Oak Park Library and the D97 Multicultural Resource Center. She is the founder of Banyan, Asian American Writers Collective.

In her spare time, she climbs trees, plays guitar, dances, plants vegetables in the moonlight, snuggles with books, and snoozes.


SESSION 1 - 1:30-3:00 pm

Introduction to Tarot Workshop – Kathy Riley
Interested in Tarot Cards, but don't know where to start? This workshop will cover a brief history of Tarot and review the standard cards modeled after the Rider-Waite format. You will learn Minor and Major Arcana meanings as well as meanings for Suit cards. Basic layouts will be covered and we will practice reading and interpreting the cards. Oracle cards will also be covered. If you have a deck, please bring it!

Keynote followup workshop

SESSION 2 - 3:30-5:00 pm

Making a Grimoire, Magick Book – Deb Czarnopys-White
A grimoire is a book of useful tools, pictures, and mementos to help you on your path of positive spells or actions. It can be a scrapbook, a notebook or anything that would be of a useful and practical size to you.  It can be a book of spells, a journal, a pocket reference, a book of dreams, a writing of your tarot guidance or anything you choose.  You may bring written thoughts to begin your grimoire or just bring special items or artwork.  The class will NOT furnish your grimoire as you must bring your own uniqueness to its creation.  We’ll provide items for personalizing it.  Come and create together.

Singing for Justice – Patricia Hyams
In the midst of the difficult times in which we find ourselves, I want to do something positive that will make a difference, but often am at a loss. Singing with other women for a common cause can be a healing balm for our broken hearts and a link with a larger community. Join me to learn songs for justice, songs for right action, and songs for ourselves. We are a part of the whole.

BONUS! Evening Drumming – Kathy Salzano
Women have been drumming for thousands of years. Just look at those cave drawings! Drumming is empowering. Join the ancient lineage of women drummers. Kathy will teach the basics of drumming.

Registration costs:

No lodging, no meals $75
No lodging, lunch Saturday $105
No lodging, lunch and dinner Saturday $115
No lodging, Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner $125
With lodging, Single occupancy $285
With lodging, Double occupancy $265

Minimum deposit is $75