gerischrabwebCalming Waters in Turbulent Times

Geri Schrab, author and artist, returned! Speaking of her artwork of rock art (petroglyphs and pictographs), she says:

The painting gives me balance, it gives me voice. This is how they weave together, my court reporting and painting rock art. A karmic pattern of my soul, I am a record-keeper.

My passion is deep and strong. The Native American lives that were disregarded, lost in the creation of this country, were real. Their tears were as salty and wet as yours and mine. They loved their children and the land; many lost both, their loved ones and the land beneath their feet.

My perspective is not only of an artist, but also that of a woman. When I enter a cave or sacred site that has been vandalized, my discomfort is primal and visceral. There is a reason ancient people venerated places where the outer landscape enters the inner realms of Mother Earth. To see these sacred places vandalized echoes disrespect for the feminine in her many forms.

Spring retreat was May 31 - June 2, 2019 at Pilgrim Park in Princeton IL

Keynote Address: 

Calm Down, Tune in, Walk Your Dream Forward

As my artistic voice developed I allowed my intuition and dreams to lead me down an unlikely path from court reporter to watercolor artist inspired by ancient petroglyph and pictograph sites around the world.    Most recently this journey had led me to co-author Hidden Thunder: Rock Art of the Upper Midwest, published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press.  My keynote will take you on a journey to the rock art sites and experiences contained in Hidden Thunder and beyond, plus some early dreams and visions along this 25-year path that I’ve never shared before.   

Ultimately my work is about connecting with our inner self, each other and Mother Earth.  Never has it been more essential that we all learn our own unique way to do this:  calm down, tune in and find your own best path forward. 

Painting Turtles for Mother Earth – Workshop

This painting workshop was a group prayer, all participants creating their own paintings, yet each focused on the healing of Mother Earth.  As a symbol to unify us in this painting prayer, we focused on Turtle as an ancient earth resident, a symbol from the waters, a symbol of Mother Earth.  Geri provided basic painting supplies.  Many brought their own supplies; ie, pencils, pens, markers, multi-media materials.  Geri supplied turtle petroglyph symbology; we were invited to bring your own photos, sketches or turtle imagery that inspires you.  The primary goal of this workshop is not perfect individual pieces of art but the energy created towards the healing of Mother Earth in the process of this unified, creative exercise.